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DoxGodGang is a collective created by 5LOVER & DJ ILUDIDOGANG in 2020 (originally PROTOTYPELAB)
You can see the collective in bandcamp. soundcloud

and in major platforms.
DoxGod aka PROTOTYPELAB was created when Arbusto Records was discontinued (thank god) and in the middle of this year (2021) PROTOTYPELAB has been closed for a while and now has been reopened.

Set 2021 Update: Now DoxGodGang is working with Bandcamp and Spotify! That means you can win money with us posting songs in major platforms! (yes, YOU get the money!!)
Want to submit or join in DoxGod's?

Contact us via Bandcamp

We are accepting any kind of music, as long as it's good. We do this just for fun, so please don't spread hate with your music, personality or etc on our behalf. We do not guarantee that your music will be 100% released, as platforms ask you to follow rules and otherwise your music will not be published, and there is nothing we can do for you about it. If something happens (eg you break the rules, you get involved in bad things or etc) we can take your music off the air without warning and freeze your earnings. Remembering that we are doing this for FUN and not for CRIMES or bad things, come on, our name is "DOXGOD" and that's not why we do shit on the internet. And last but not least: You can participate in our compilations that will happen on Spotify, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, same old same old. Through the same link we put, you can send your music and ask to put it in compilations, stay tuned because we'll let you know on Bandcamp and Instagram about it

To send your music, first send a email via Bandcamp

and we will email you back with some instructions. Remember that it's not mandatory to put your music on all platforms, you can choose without problems, but depending on the platform you won't be able to receive the money. Also remember to put your artist name in the sender name, the release date, the release itself (can be on any upload platform [private track in Soundcloud or Mediafire/Mega/Wetransfer] as long as it is in WAV or FLAC) and your paypal email.


In case something goes wrong we will send you an email back. Or, if something goes wrong with your release like earnings or release you can email us back (use same email and artist name). If we dont reply, you can contact us via IG (@prototypelabcollective)